It's always a treat to have Michelle Bommarito at the house as a guest. Somehow at an event I was sponsoring years ago, we hit it off the very first time like sisters, and have been friends ever since. It's so funny to me that people want to know what she's like. I know she's a celebrity and all, but to me, she's Michelle. SO, I'll tell you what she's like! She is always that full of energy, yes. Every story she tells, every hand motion and facial expression, she's full of energy. I think it comes partly from her zest for life and her genes, but probably more importantly, what she eats. So healthy.

I hope we'll have her another time (although catch her healthy eating seminar at the Southern Women's Show this weekend!) to show us how we can take some baby steps into getting heathier food into our families' bellies without much trouble or many groans from the kids. Here's how we laugh together - I had gone to bed early while she and John (my husband) had stayed up chatting. Michelle later went to jump in the shower after our daughter had a nightmare and needed John to tuck her in and lay with her a few minutes to ease her fears. At the very same time, it being late, I knocked on the door of the shower after not seeing John anywhere. Michelle poked her head out, and I said, "Do you know where John is?" She looked around behind her and said, "Well, he doesn't seem to be in here." We've been giggling about that all day. So here's another glimpse of the fun, down to Earth Michelle - she takes good care of her skin, and shared a mud mask with me. I'll be happy to share it with you! Enjoy it; don't be scared! And please join us Saturday at 10:45 for Michelle's free demo in the Sweet Wise classroom!